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Local Land Charges Guide

CON29 Data

The CON 29 Enquiries Form (further details below) consists of a series of standard questions.  Information obtained from the search could provide answers to many of your questions including:

  • Are there any planning conditions which will affect my proposed use of the property?
  • Is the house in a Conservation Area?
  • Who maintains the roadway and footpath outside my front door?
  • Are the trees in the back garden protected by a Tree Preservation Order?
  • Is the property a Listed Building?
  • Are there any financial charges/debts for which I will become liable?
  • Are there any proposals to construct a new road or railway nearby?
  • Will the Council be introducing traffic calming, road restrictions or even residents' parking?
  • Is any extension built over a sewer and does it have building regulation consent?
  • Is there a public footpath abutting or crossing the property/land?

As well as providing answers to many of the questions above this form lists a number of optional enquiries for which an additional fee is payable.  These optional enquiries could answer the following:-

  • Is there a pipeline within 100feet?
  • Is the property affected by any hazardous substances?
  • Is it in an area of outstanding natural beauty/in a noise abatement zone/in an urban development area?

Where information is not currently available for viewing a request can be made in writing for access under the Environmental Information Regulations 2004 to datarequests@northnorthants.gov.uk

Use our One Stop Shop to apply for CON29 data:

The service is provided by the Local Land Charges team for which there is a charge.