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Trees and Hedges

High Hedges

A high hedge is defined as one which consists of a line of 2 or more evergreen trees or shrubs, which are more than 2 metres in height, and which form a barrier to light or access, that affects your enjoyment of your home or garden.

If you have an issue with your neighbour’s high hedge, you must first try to resolve the matter amicably with them.  Only once all options have been exhausted, can you ask the Council to assess the hedge.  Contacting us should be seen as a last resort.

Request a copy of the High Hedge Complaint:
Guidance Notes & Application Form

You will be required to complete a form, attach copies of evidence (examples are given in our guidance notes) to support your resolution attempts and pay a fee of £400.

If the complaint is registered the Council will inform both the complainant and the hedge owner.  A officer will then visit and assess the hedge.

The Council has two decision options.  It can:

  • Issue a letter stating no further action will be taken
  • Serve a “remedial notice” on the hedge owner

A remedial notice requires the owner or occupier of the land where the hedge is situated to take action to remedy the problem and to prevent it reoccurring.  The Notice would also set a time limit by when the works must be carried out and the maximum height to be maintained thereafter.  Any remedial notice may be enforced through criminal prosecutions and/or by the Council entering the land and carrying out the necessary work if the owner or occupier fails to do so.  The costs of any works would be at the hedge owner's expense.

The law does not require all hedges to be reduced to, or maintained at, a height of two metres.

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