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Street Naming and Numbering

Street Naming and Numbering Fees

Fees effective from 1st May 2018

  • Renaming / renumbering of an existing property (creation of no additional plots) - £40.00
  • Property naming / numbering (no more than 5 plots) - £60.00 (plus £25.00 per plot)
  • Property naming / numbering of (6 or more plots) - £150.00 (plus £10.00 per plot)
  • Street naming - £160.00 per street
  • Written confirmation of address - £25.00 per address
  • Change to a street naming / property numbering scheme after notification (1)  - £50 (plus £15.00 per plot)
  • Renaming of a street at residents request (2)(3) - £200.00 (plus £20.00 per property, plus all compensation met by applicant)

The above charges are not subject to VAT. Cheques for fees should be made payable to North Northamptonshire Council. No refunds can be processed once the consultation period is underway.

A location plan is required with all submissions and should show the location of the property/properties. Plans should clearly show the layout, plot numbers and points of access to the property (marked with a red arrow/dot). For flat complexes a layout plan of each floor is required with indication of plot numbers.  

Developers may submit suggested street names for their development. The council will research suitable street names. In both instances the Town or Parish Council will be consulted to gain their views/suggestions.

For all applications we ask for a minimum period of 8 weeks for processing all the consultations and responses and for the notifications to be collated and sent to the relevant organisations and agencies together with the relevant documentation.

Please note that it is the responsibility of the developer to supply and erect the street nameplates. A consultation service for the suitability of location will be given on request.

If you require any further assistance or clarification on the process, please email snn.kbc@northnorthants.gov.uk

(1) After notification means after the Council has issued the street naming or numbering scheme

(2) Requires a minimum written consent of two thirds of owners/occupiers of the street

(3) This charge relates to every property with an address on a street to be renamed