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Essential Maintenance

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Street Naming and Numbering

Information regarding the process for street naming and numbering within the Kettering area of North Northamptonshire Council is given below.

This includes street naming and numbering for:

  • new developments
  • individual residential properties
  • commercial properties
  • sub-divisions of existing properties (ie conversion of a house into flats)

Individuals or businesses are not permitted to choose their own property numbers, building or street names.  A request must be made to us so the address can be officially allocated and registered.  However, you can email your suggestions to snn.kbc@northnorthants.gov.uk

What We Do

When a new street needs naming, an officer will normally ask the developer for suggestions and then seek the views of the local Parish/Town Council.

Where the developer declines to suggest names, we will either ask the local Parish/Town Council (where there is one) or carry out research to come up with suitable street names.

Once a new address has been agreed, we will contact Royal Mail, the emergency services and other interested organisations.  If no objections are received the owner/developer is notified of the new address.

This process can take up to 8 weeks

What You Need to Submit

Before applying please read our privacy notice at www.northnorthants.gov.uk/privacynotices for details of how your data is used, who we may share it with and why.

  • Application details -
    • your name, address, phone, email
    • what you want naming (building, street)
    • site details (number of new roads,dwellings, blocks, commercial units)
  • Location plan
  • Fee

A location plan is required with all applications and should show the location of the property/properties.  Plans should clearly show the layout, plot numbers and points of access to the property (marked with a red arrow/dot).  For flat complexes a layout plan of each floor is needed with an indication of plot numbers.

Please note that it is the responsibility of the developer to supply and erect the street nameplates.  A consultation service for the suitability of locations will be given on request.

If your residential property already has a number and you wish to add a name ie “Rose Cottage”, please be aware that this won’t form part of the official registered address.   Royal Mail will include only the number in the postal address because the use of a number rather than a name enables the property to be located easily.