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What are Building Regulations?

Building notice

The building notice application is often used for works to domestic dwellings. If the proposal relates to any other work, such as commercial, industrial or retail, a full plans submission must be made.

You don’t usually need to submit plans with a building notice.  However, there may be occasions when we will ask for plans and particulars of the proposal, if compliance with the requirements of the building regulations cannot be confirmed without them. 

With a building notice we don't check and approve plans in the same way as a full plans submission and you don’t get a formal approval notice. The work is checked on site as it is constructed.  If the building control surveyor finds the works don't comply with the requirements of the building regulations, then you will be asked to correct it.

A building notice is valid for 3 years but work can begin as soon as the form and payment have been received.

We’ll come to inspect the work at the start, the end and at various stages to make sure it meets building regulations standards.  This will be discussed with you at the start of the project.

What you need to submit

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You may also need planning permission - do not start work until you’ve got this.