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Get permission to demolish a building

By law, if you want to demolish a building or part of a building you have to get permission first.  This is called giving us a “demolition notice”.

Application details -

  • Your name, address, phone, email
  • Agents's name, address, phone, email (if applicable)
  • Contractor's name, address, phone email (or other person who will carry out the demolition)
  • Site location
  • Building descrption
  • Site owner's name, address, phone, email
  • Confirmation that notice has been given to the local statutory undertakers for Electricity, Gas and all adjacent land owners/occupiers of the site


 Demolition notice applications cost £160 and payment can be made:

  • over the phone on 01536 534250 (debit/credit card)
  • cheque (made payable to Kettering Borough Council)

Check our list of buildings you do not need to give a demolition notice for before you send your notice.

You need to tell us:

  • what is being demolished
  • who is doing the demolition
  • who owns the building
  • your details, or those of the person arranging it all

You must also give us a site location plan showing the area where the work is being done and what is being demolished.  This should be on a scale not less than 1:1250.  Just remember we cannot deal with your application until we have it.

You may also need to:

When we process your notice, we may want to place conditions on how the works are done.  These may include:

  • limitations on the hours of work
  • requirements to notify adjoining owners and service providers (electric, gas, water etc)
  • a ban on burning any materials on site
  • provisions to limit the effects on adjoining properties (excessive dust, noise etc)
  • provisions to remove and dispose of any asbestos found in the building safely

This can take up to six weeks, so please let us know as early as possible, so that works are not unnecessarily delayed.

You must do everything in the notice, to demolish the building legally.

Works causing a problem

If demolition works are being carried out near you and are causing problems, please contact us on 01536 534250 and we will investigate. This may result in an Enforcement Notice being served on the person responsible for the works.

If you have received an Enforcement Notice you can request this electronically by emailing buildingcontrol@kettering.gov.uk