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Pre-Application Advice

Please note, at the present time we are unable to offer our platinum service.  We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

What is the pre-application advice service?

Before you make an application, you may wish to seek our advice on policy and design issues by using our Pre-application Advice Service.

This can often help to resolve issues and make submitting a valid application easier, saving you time and expense in the long run.

Apply for pre-application advice

What we will provide as part of the service

  • Seek to ensure that there is consistency in dealing with your pre-application advice and any subsequent applications for planning permission
  • Information on key planning policies and previous planning decisions
  • Named contacts
  • Advice in relation to all relevant planning matters and the planning merits of the proposal
  • Informal comments and guidance, which are without prejudice, on the content, construction and presentation of an application likely to satisfy the Council's planning policies
  • Advice on the documents to be submitted with your planning application and procedures as necessary

Information we do not provide as part of the advice

  • Detailed technical advice
  • Drawing up of plans
  • Design the proposal for you

Please note: The Council can not give any weight to pre-application advice more than 1 year old, or where there has been significant change in policy or circumstances since the advice was given.

The Benefits of pre-application advice

  • A response within 30 working days (except for major proposals where a time frame will be agreed)
  • A response that includes details of the relevant planning policy, comments on the planning merits of the proposal, advice on possible improvements to a scheme and details of the information required with a formal application
  • Assistance with the validation of an application submitted following the pre-application enquiry
  • A more efficient application process
  • For householder applications the Council will endeavour to issue a decision on an application submitted following a pre-application enquiry faster than the statutory 8 weeks. Where this is not possible you will be contacted by the case officer dealing with the planning application.
  • Greater certainty of the outcome of a planning application. However, please note that the Council cannot give weight to pre-application advice over 1 year old or where there has been significant change in policy or circumstance since the advice was given. In addition, in cases where an application is determined by the planning committee the members do not have to accept the officer's recommendation.

Please note: The pre-application advice you receive will help you to submit a complete and accurate application for planning permission which complies with the relevant policies, plans and guidance. The pre-application advice will be taken into account but it cannot guarantee that planning permission will be granted, for example planning committees do not have to accept the officers recommendations.

Where pre-application advice is not followed subsequent planning applications are likely to be determined without further negotiations.

Fees and charges

  • The planning application fees received by the Council do not cover the cost of the pre-application advice service.  In order to provide a high quality service it is therefore necessary for the Council to charge for pre-application advice.  The fee depends on the type and scale of the proposal. 
  • Pre-application Advice Fees

Please note: The fee must be paid before a request for pre-application advice can be processed