Hanwood Park

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January 2020

Barton Road one way road closure from Junction 10 of the A14


There are archaeological investigation works proposed to be undertaken on Parcels R20 and R25. This work is required in advance of construction being undertaken on these parcels.

The works are due to start on 27th January and will consist of stripping the top soil (which will remain on the site) and then digging with hand tools, however the dig may include mechanical diggers if deeper excavations are required. The investigation will be led by archaeologists who will investigate whether there are items or other findings of historic interest within the parcels. The investigations are expected to take between 6 and 8 weeks depending on the findings.  

The works are being undertaken in accordance with the archaeological brief produced by the County Archaeological Advisor at Northamptonshire County Council and the work is subject to the approval of Northamptonshire County Council.

In December 2019, contractors Whitemountain distributed this letter with details of works taking place in January, including road closures on Barton Road and Warkton Lane.

FAQs on the road/access construction plans to take place in 2019 are available, including this document which includes details and maps of the planned works for: 

  • Cranford Road Closure (starting on 17th April)
  • Access E (Barton Road / Warkton Lane)
  • Access F (Barton Road / A14 Junction 10)
  • Junction g (Cranford Road / Barton Road)