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Hanwood Park

Frequently Asked Questions

The following FAQs are in relation to road/access construction works scheduled for 2019 as part of the Hanwood Park development at East Kettering. The works included:

  • Cranford Road Closure (starting on 17th April)
  • Access E (Barton Road / Warkton Lane)
  • Access F (Barton Road / A14 Junction 10)
  • Junction g (Cranford Road / Barton Road)

What is Hanwood Park?

Hanwood Park is the new housing development in East Kettering, which over the next 20 years will deliver 5,500 homes, four primary schools, a secondary school, shops, community buildings, employment centres, leisure facilities and parks. The development is promoted and led by the developer Hanwood Park LLP, who received outline planning permission in 2010, giving them approval for the overall use of the land.

A new roundabout at Deeble Road/ Warkton Lane has already been completed, which allowed houses to be built by David Wilson Homes and Barratt Homes. More information about the Hanwood Park development, including the Strategic Master Plan, can be found at www.kettering.gov.uk/HanwoodPark

Why are road works needed?

In order for a development of this size to be delivered, new access roads and junctions need to be constructed before more new homes and amenities can be developed. These will open up access to areas for new homes, a District Centre (which in time will have community, leisure and health uses) and enable a new road to Hayfield Cross Primary School to be completed.

Works at Cranford Road/Barton Road are also needed to link with the other works taking place and to help improve flows of traffic along Barton Road and Cranford Road. We are sorry that these works will cause disruption and hope by informing people of what is happening it will:

  • Help you to plan journeys
  • Allow you to meet people who can explain what will be happening
  • Allow you to ask questions about how the works will affect you

Hanwood Park LLP, their contractors Whitemountain and Northamptonshire Highways are working together to
co-ordinate works to help reduce the length of disruption as much as possible.

What works are scheduled for this year?

  • Barton Road / Warkton Lane to create an access point into the site (Access E).
  • Cranford Road / Barton Road works to improve traffic flows along Barton Road and into/out of Cranford Road (Junction g).
  • Cranford Road closure for drainage works and to allow a new road to be built across Cranford Road into the development. It will link to new roads to the school and down to Junction 10.
  • Barton Road / A14 Junction 10 to create access point into the site (Access F).

When are the works starting?

Works on Barton Road will start on 15th April and will continue until the end of October 2019.  Cranford Road will be closed from 17th April until 3rd September (before Hayfield Cross Primary re-opens to pupils after the summer holidays).

What works are currently taking place at St. Botolphs Road/Barton Road?

These are works that Redrow Homes are required to do due to their development off Polwell Lane. These works will stop before 15th April.

Why is Cranford Road being closed and for so long?

A road connection will be built across Cranford Road. A new road will run from Cranford Road and provide access to Hayfield Cross Primary School. It will also run down to J10, connecting to a new access point there. Major drainage works and utility diversions need to take place will require a full road closure for that length of time.

Is Barton Road closing?

There will be a closure on Barton Road during October for a limited number of nights when re-surfacing of the road takes place. This will complete the road works. Closure at night will allow works to be done quicker and reduce disruption. During the school summer holiday there will be a need to make Barton Road one-way (southbound only) between Linnet Drive and Warkton Lane to allow works at the Cranford Road junction to be completed.

Where will construction traffic go during the works?

Construction traffic will use A14 Junction 10 except during the period 19th July to 3rd September when construction traffic will use both Junction 9 and 10. During that time construction traffic going to the site will use J9 and those exiting the site will use J10, this is because part of Barton Road will need to be one-way to allow works at Cranford Road/Barton Road to be completed. No Whitemountain construction traffic will go through Cranford and all third party suppliers have been told to avoid Cranford as well.

How do I get to Hayfield Cross Primary School?

Parents and pupils will still be able to get to the school from Cranford Road. The closure of the road is further to the east of the school entrance. There is a pedestrian route in place around the closure for those walking to the school beyond the closure point. There are also vehicle diversions in place. See www.roadworks.org for these routes. 

Why is all of the work taking place at the same time?

The works are being co-ordinated between the developer and Northamptonshire Highways to allow all necessary works to take place this year and try to lessen any future disruption for people. There will be disruption during the coming months and we are sorry for any inconvenience caused. 

Have the bus companies been informed? What bus provision will be given? Where will the bus stops be?

Bus companies have been informed of the works. Centrebus will still run through Cranford, with the route adjusted to loop round Church Lane and Duck End.

Who is responsible for these works?

Whitemountain, who are the developer’s (Hanwood Park LLP) contractor, will be carrying out works at:

  • Barton Road/Warkton Lane junction
  • Barton Road South/Junction 10
  • A closure on Cranford Road (east of the Primary School entrance)

Should you have any questions or comments regarding Whitemountain’s construction work, please email
kar@breedongroup.com or call 02892501051, Monday to Friday, 9am – 5pm.

Emergency contacts for Chevron for issues regarding temporary traffic lights:

  •  Days - 07791 440409
  •  Nights (after 5pm) - 07542 714898

Northamptonshire Highways will be carrying out the works at:

  • Barton Road/Cranford Road junction

For queries relating to this junction, please contact Northamptonshire Highways on 01604 883 400.

How will I access my property?

If access to your house would be affected by the works, please speak to Whitemountain or Northamptonshire Highways, as appropriate.

Will vehicle diversions be in place?

Yes, for each of the works there will be clearly signposted diversions for vehicles. During the course of the works all diversion routes will be available at www.roadworks.org

Can I claim for compensation or a reduction in my council tax due to the road closures or road works?

There is no legal provision which allows homeowners or businesses to claim for compensation against either the highways authority or developer due to diversions or delays caused by the current works.