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Hanwood Park

Traffic Calming Warkton Lane/St Catherines Road

Why is traffic calming needed?

Works are needed to reduce speeds on Warkton Lane both to help improve the safety of vehicle users, including those exiting St Catherines Road, and to improve pedestrian safety. A pedestrian link from the new David Wilson Homes/Barratts development will connect the new houses to the existing area. There will need to be a safe crossing point. 

Proposed development

The proposed scheme is the extension of the 30mph speed limit north of the junction of Warkton Lane and St Catherine’s Road and associated traffic calming and pedestrian crossing. The traffic calming works are funded by developer contributions and the plan is available below;

Traffic calming

The traffic calming consists of the following elements.

  1. Furthest north is post and rail gateway feature on either side of the carriageway. The fences include a 'Kettering Please Drive Slowly' sign and 30mph signs above the gates. This is accompanied by visibility fencing on the west side of Warkton Lane to improve visibility northwards from St Catherine’s Road.
  2. Vehicle activated '30 Slow Down' flashing sign located South of St Catherines Road.
  3. 'SLOW' marking in the road with a red surface treatment north of the proposed crossing point.


195 Neighbour letters were sent out as part of the public consultation to the properties at the end of St Catherines Road, Warkton Lane northern service road and the newly constructed properties north of Sulgrave Street, along with site notices which were posted on Warkton Lane close to the northern service road.

The consultation asked for comments and/or preferences regarding two crossing options, option 1 (with a refuge) and option 2 (without a refuge). There was some support shown to the refuge on the basis of the feeling the crossing would be safer. There were concerns raised regarding the removal of the hedgerow and the provision of a crossing, however, the crossing location is fixed and the hedgerow is not protected and is being replanted.

Overall it was considered whilst both options provide benefits, option 1 (pedestrian refuge) provided a greater degree of benefit because the refuge in conjunction with the other measures is likely to be more effective at reducing traffic speeds. It is acknowledged that there is a loss of hedgerow, however since the hedgerow is not protected and is located on a highway verge, the hedgerow could be removed by the Highways Authority without consent.

The recommendation of option 1 was presented to the East Kettering Liaison Forum on the 27 September 2018 and was generally supported by those in attendance in respect of the additional safety of having a refuge.


The crossing is located approximately level with 141 & 143 Warkton Lane and the proposals include the provision of a dropped kerb crossing and path across the existing highway verges within the Northern service road of Warkton Lane.

The introduction of a pedestrian refuge requires some road widening in order to accommodate the central refuge and associated chevron area.

A central pedestrian refuge is considered to be safer for those crossing the road and will encourage lower vehicle speeds.


Detailed design work for the scheme is now being progressed. We are intending to carry out the works in 2021.