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Hanwood Park

Accesses E & F

Access E

  • KET/2013/0780 - Reserved Matters Application - 580m road from Access E
  • KET/2014/0454 - Non-Material Amendment to KET/2013/0780
  • KET/2018/0133 - Non-Material Amendment to KET/2013/0780 (580m of road from Access E into Parcels R19, R20 and DC2, with associated drainage and a linear park including the demolition of 101 Barton Road): Amendment to timing for play area
  • Condition 75 (Access E) AOC/0274/0804 - Approved 28.02.14
  • Condition 5 of KET/2013/0780 (Archaeology) AOC/0780/1301
  • Condition 2 of KET/2013/0780 (Ecological Construction Management Plan) AOC/0780/1302

Access F

  • KET/2013/0792 - Reserved Matters Application - 547m road from Access F
  • Condition 75 (Access F) AOC/0274/0805 - Approved 28.02.14
  • Condition 5 of KET/2013/0792 (Archaeology) AOC/0792/1301
  • Condition 2 of KET/2013/0792 (Ecological Construction Management Plan) AOC/0792/1302