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Hanwood Park


Location of East Kettering Sustainable Urban Extension - Hanwood Park Plan


Hanwood Park covers an area of 328.5 hectares to the east of Kettering and Barton Seagrave. The western boundary of the site is adjacent to existing development on:

  • Barton Road, Barton Seagrave
  • Poplars Farm Road
  • Westleigh Road
  • Ridgway Road
  • Warkton Lane
  • St Catherines Road
  • St Vincents Avenue, Kettering

One of the key access points will run from Elizabeth Road, through the Ise Valley, (resulting in a new bridge over the River Ise) into the North-Eastern corner of the site. Open countryside lies to the north and east of the site.

The A14 from Junction 10 to the pedestrian bridge over the A14 at Blackbridge Farm forms the southern boundary.

The development will be accessed from the A14 from a new junction, known as J10a shown on the Strategic Master Plan. This junction will be required once 2,700 houses have been occupied. The work for the junction is expected to take 6 years from the point the design starts to it being opened.

Most of the site is used for arable farming, with allotments, including part of 'Green Patch' to the north east. There are two areas of woodland within the development; Shaft Field Spinney and Stubbs Spinney, both of these areas of woodland will be retained. Other woodland planting including The Osier Bed to the west of Grange Farm will also be retained. The only buildings that are within the development are farm buildings at Poplars Farm, which is on the northern edge of the site. Cranford Road runs east-west through the southern (bottom) half of the site but the houses and gardens on Cranford Road are not included, nor are those comprising The Grange and Hayfield Lodge. This means that the development cannot be built on the location of these houses and gardens, but that in time these properties will be encircled by it.