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Hanwood Park

New Outline Planning Application Submitted (NK/2021/0292) - April 2021

Hanwood Park LLP has submitted a new outline planning application to allow detailed proposals for future parcels to come forward over the coming years.

Outline planning permission for the Hanwood Park development was originally granted in 2010 with detailed applications for individual parcels of land to follow.

When a development such as Hanwood Park  is granted outline permission it is usual for detailed matters to be reserved for later consideration. These details have to be agreed before building can start on a parcel of land. These ‘reserved matters’ include things such as the layout of development, appearance and height of buildings and landscaping.

Many detailed applications have already been approved with development at Hanwood Park well underway -  many new homes and the Hayfield Cross Church of England Primary School have been completed.

The original outline permission allowed 10 years for the submission of detailed proposals which ends this year. Given the scale of the new community being formed at Hanwood Park more time is needed to allow details to come forward. Consequently, a new outline permission is needed to enable this to happen.


Should you wish to view the new outline application you can do this on the Council’s website here  

Any comments on the application can be made using the online facility and need to be made by 19 May 2021.

Hanwood Park LLP, the applicant, also have their own website which may be of interest https://hanwoodpark.co.uk/