Hanwood Park

David Wilson duplicate application April 2020

An application (with planning ref KET/2020/0225) was recently submitted by David Wilson Homes/Barratts (DWH) for Parcels R12/13/14 of the Hanwood Park development. This is an identical proposal to KET/2019/0852, an application which has been publicly consulted on and is currently being considered by the Local Planning Authority. 

DWH have submitted this duplicate application so in the event their current application is refused, they have a live application to amend. If that happens, a full public consultation will take place, including with those residents who were consulted or made comments on KET/2019/0852. Please note and be assured that the new application will not be considered without the necessary public consultation taking place.   

Application KET/2019/0852 will be heard by a Planning Committee in due course. Anyone who has commented on this will be notified in advance of that Committee advising them of the date, time and any other important information.  

We appreciate that this is an unusual occurrence so if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the planning team by telephone or email eastkettering@kettering.gov.uk