Hanwood Park



The East Kettering Sustainable Urban Extension (also called Hanwood Park) is a mixed use development containing up to 5,500 dwellings, a secondary school, up to 4 primary schools, open space (covering park(s) and play areas), employment areas, local centre facilities (eg shops and health care) and associated infrastructure.

The East Kettering SUE was granted outline planning permission on 1st April 2010.This means that we have a broad indication of the form that the development will take, as shown on the approved Strategic Master Plan and that the full and precise details of the access to the SUE (pedestrian and vehicular), its internal layout, the location and appearance of buildings  and the details of the landscaping (known as Reserved Matters) are subject to subsequent applications.

There have been subsequent variations of conditions from the original outline and reserved matters approval has been granted for some of the housing parcels and the first primary school.

Updates regarding the development can be found within the latest Newsletters produced by the Council, Planning Committee meetings or at the East Kettering Liaison Forum.