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Make a planning application

Other permissions

Other permissions may be required (this is not a comprehensive list).

Building Regulations
You need to apply for Building Regulations approval to carry out most building work, but there are some exceptions.

Listed building consent
If your development affects a listed building, you may need to make an Application for Listed Building Consent. Further information on Listed Buildings.

Conservation area consent
If your development is in a conservation area, you may need to make an Application for Relevant Demolition in a Conservation Area.  Further information on Conservation Areas.

Application for works to trees
If your development affects a tree with a preservation order or a tree in a conservation area, you may need to make an Application for Works to Trees.  Further information on Trees.

Council Owned Properties
If you are living in a property which is currently or was previously owned by the Council, you need to check with Housing's Neighbourhood Management Team before you alter your property.

It is up to you to ensure that you have ALL necessary permissions/consents before starting work.

Granting permission/consent does not give you the right to enter land or carry out works on land that you do not own.  You will still need to obtain the landowner's permission where necessary and any other civil consents ie covenants contained within your Deeds or Party Wall etc Act matters.  This is your responsibility.