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Make a planning application

Making an application

Pre-application advice can often help to resolve issues and save you time and expense. We offer a pre-application advice service to provide advice on policy and design issues.

It is important you make sure the details submitted are those that you want to undertake, as even minor changes can require a fresh planning application, which will be subject to exactly the same process as before.

All application information is available for public inspection.  Prior to submitting your application please read our privacy notice for details of how your data is used.

How to Make an Application

There are two ways to make an application:

Completing the application form is just part of the process, use the links below to see what else is needed to submit a complete and valid application

This Authority requires one original and one copy (two in total) of any form, plans and documents.  For larger or more complex applications, further sets of drawings may be needed for consultation purposes.  We will let you know if we need more copies.  In addition, if available, it would be helpful to receive an electronic copy of documents and plans.

In addition to applying for planning permission other consents make also be required.

* Please be aware all applications submitted through the Planning Portal with a planning fee of £60 or more will attract a financial transaction service fee, which is an additional cost on top of the application fee.  View full details of the financial transaction service.

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