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Works without permission (enforcement)

If you carry out building works or an activity without planning permission you may have to put any alterations back to how they were originally

You need planning permission to do certain building works or an activity (this is known as development).  You must find out if you need permission before you start.

Do you need permission?

If development is carried out without planning permission, this is a “breach of planning control” which is dealt with by Planning Enforcement.

Other types of breach include:

  • Changes of use of buildings or land without planning permission
  • Non compliance with approved plans or planning conditions
  • Illegal advertisements/signs
  • Unauthorised works to listed buildings
  • Unauthorised works to trees in conservation areas or covered by a Tree Preservation Order

Anonymous complaints will not be investigated - the Council will always seek to maintain the confidentiality of the complainant at all times.

Report a breach of planning control

Alternatively you can contact Planning Enforcement. Please provide your name, address, phone number, email, complaint site address / location, details of what is happening (the breach), how it affects you and the developer’s name / address (if known)

All legitimately made complaints will be investigated, however the Council cannot take enforcement action just because there is a breach of planning control, it must also be able to demonstrate that the breach results in an unacceptable level of harm to public amenity or Development Plan policies.

Often unauthorised development can be resolved by the submission of an application.

We would be unlikely to take formal enforcement action against something we would have granted planning permission for in the first place.

You may also need to get

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