Planning Committee


All decisions about major and more contentious planning applications, together with those covered in the Scheme of Delegation, are made by the Planning Committee, which will meet approximately every 4 weeks.

The Committee is usually held on a Tuesday in the Council Chamber at the Municipal Offices, Bowling Green Road, Kettering, starting at 6.30pm, and normally last for 2-3 hours. All meetings are open to the press and public.

If you have commented on an application going to Committee, you, the applicant, agent, parish council and consultees will be informed.  The Agenda and individual reports on proposals are published and made available on the web site 5 working days before the day of the meeting.  The individual reports can be accessed using the links on this page or via the Online Planning Register.

Applications for planning permission are considered in the order listed in the Agenda but the Committee may decide to take an item earlier if large numbers of people attend for a particular debate.

The "Procedure at Committee" link above provides details if you are interested in attending any of the Committee meetings and wish to speak, either for or against any of the applications.

You can check which Committee meeting considered an application by querying the Online Planning Register.  Agenda, officer's report and minutes* for:

*The Committee minutes are downloadable following approval at the following Planning Committee meeting.

Other relevant documents: