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Comment on a Planning Application

Details on Commenting

Comments submitted as part of an application will be publicly available unless they can be legitimately exempted

If you intend to provide comments that could be sensitive or breach data protection, please contact us for further advice before proceeding

Comment on a planning application:

Only written comments can be accepted. Please provide your name, address, email, planning application number and site address/location


Anyone can comment on any application. However, before making your observations you should take time to view the application documents and plans.

You have 21 days to make comments from the consultation/publicity start dates relating to the application. These dates will be published under “Key Dates” on the relevant application page.

Please note that, by law, comments are open to public inspection. In the event of an appeal these will be forwarded to the Planning Inspectorate and the appellant.

For householder applications, comments made at application stage are those taken forward if an appeal against refusal is subsequently made.  No further comments can be accepted.

Useful information: