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Rothwell North


The Rothwell North Sustainable Urban Extension (SUE) is a mixed use development containing up to 700 dwellings, employment areas, a local centre (eg shops and health care), open space and land for education adjacent to the Montsaye Academy's playing fields and associated infrastructure. Vehicular access junctions into the site are from the A6 and B576, with the detail of the B576 junction approved. 

The Rothwell North SUE was granted outline planning permission on 5 November 2018. This means that we have a broad indication of the form that the development will take, as shown on the approved Regulating Plan. The internal layout, the location and appearance of buildings and, the details of the landscaping (known as Reserved Matters are subject to subsequent applications.

  • Planning applications

Policy background

The provision of a SUE in Rothwell was first identified in Policy SDA1 f the now obsolete Northamptonshire County Structure Plan (March 2001). The policy gave some broad parameters for four Strategic Development Area’s across the county, and identified Rothwell/Desborough as an area suitable for development on this scale, leaving the precise location, layout and form of development to be established in local plans.

The superseded North Northamptonshire Core Spatial Strategy continued to identify Rothwell as a location for ‘smaller’ SUE’s, with Policy 16: Sustainable Urban Extensions detailing a range of requirements to be met by the SUE.

The current North Northamptonshire Joint Core Strategy Policy 38 – Rothwell North Sustainable Urban Extension identifies the site as a Strategic development site and identifies a number of place-shaping requirements against which any application should be considered.