What to submit with your application

All application information is available for public inspection.
Prior to submitting your application please read our

privacy notice
for details of how your data is used

The type of application you make will determine the plans and documents you need to submit.

We often make applications invalid because the accompanying plans aren’t good enough or documents haven’t been provided.  This then delays the application being registered.

We have a set of comprehensive lists known as “local requirements” which detail what is required for each type of application.

The advice in our “local requirements” documents is our adopted criteria to be followed at all times. If there is any doubt as to the type of information required, please contact planning@kettering.gov.uk

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Submitting the correct documents

  • Work out the type of application you want to make
  • Read the guidance notes for that application type
  • Decide whether the works/activity you are proposing meet the criteria for the document concerned
  • Produce all the required plans and documents

For an application to be valid and processed by Kettering Borough Council, applicants will have to submit a minimum level of information with their applications.  As well as submitting the mandatory national information required for a valid application, Kettering Borough Council has adopted an additional list of local requirements. This list was reviewed in October 2015 and updated in accordance with legislation changes.

The local requirements documents contain information which will be required in addition to the national requirements. This additional information will vary depending on the proposed development and the type of application to be submitted. It is good practice to provide this at the time an application is submitted. However, Kettering Borough Council has decided that it will not formally insist upon such submissions at the validation stage, and it is therefore possible to provide this information whilst the application is being considered. Failure to provide the details required by the local validation list when you submit an application, will however, affect our ability to provide you with a fully-considered assessment of your proposals at an early stage and may delay the processing, or final outcome, of the application.

Further information is available on the "GOV.UK" website: