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Closed-circuit Television (CCTV)

The council have installed CCTV cameras within Kettering Town Centre and those within the A6 towns for a number of key reasons:

  • For the detection and prevention of crime
  • To reduce the fear of crime and thus reassure the public
  • To assist the police in identifying potential criminal activity and investigating incidents of crime
  • To monitor traffic

CCTV cameras also operate in areas such as:

  • Corporate buildings
  • Sheltered Housing Schemes
  • Museum and Gallery
  • Corporate Refuse and Recycling Vehicles
  • Surveillance for fly-tipping and other environmental crimes

The way in which CCTV is used is controlled by a strict Code of Practice which includes procedures for tape handling, recording of incidents, dealing with inquiries, use of tapes for evidence and maintaining confidentiality.

Anyone can request the release of CCTV footage but the legitimacy of these requests will need to be assesed on a case-by-case basis by our Data Officer.  Any requests should be e-mailed to Dataprotection@kettering.gov.uk