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Anti-Social Behaviour

Avoiding anti-social behaviour service standards

Northamptonshire Community Safety Partnerships will make certain that victims are at the centre of their response to anti-social behaviour by ensuring that:

•    Each complaint will be investigated and taken seriously
•    All information you give us will be treated in confidence and in accordance with data protection legislation
•    Our staff will be trained to give you the correct advice
•    A risk assessment will be completed to help identify vulnerable and repeat victims
•    We will respond to high risk incidents within one working day
•    We will respond to non-high risk incidents within 5 day working days
•    You will be informed who the lead organisation will be and be provided with appropriate support. The lead organisation will work with partners and other service providers where necessary
•    You will have a single point of contact (SPOC) within the lead organisation dealing with your ASB issue and be provided with their contact details
•    We will ideally resolve the complaint to your satisfaction, through the compliance of an agreed action plan produced with consideration of the full range of actions available
•    We will support you in collecting evidence to enable positive action to be taken. We will regularly review this information and explain what action is to be taken and why
•    We will keep you informed about your case and provide updates within timescales agreed with you
•    We will contact you via telephone, text, e-mail, and letter or in person as agreed with you
•    We will monitor your satisfaction with the way we have dealt with your case
•    The lead agency will ask the court for special measures for vulnerable or intimidated victims and witnesses where appropriate
•    We will make a referral to the witness service if appropriate during criminal proceedings
•    Where appropriate, we will keep communities informed of what is happening within their neighbourhood through a range of means including street briefings, newsletters and leaflet distribution
•    We will promote another route if you are not satisfied with the outcome