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Anti-Social Behaviour

Reporting anti-social behaviour

Type Organisation Contact

Threatening behaviour, Verbal abuse,
Drug dealing, Vandalism,
Alcohol related issues, Domestic Abuse
Physical violence, Harassment
Intimidation, Hate or racist incidents
Vehicle nuisance,
Prostitution/sexual acts/kerb crawling

Police Contact your Safer Community Team through the Police
Contact Number: 101 
Graffiti, Noise nuisance, Dog fouling
Fly tipping, Littering, Abandoned vehicles
North Northamptosnhire Council 

Complete the online form
Email: anti-social behaviour@kettering.gov.uk
Contact Number: 0300 126 3000​

The Family Information Service can support families
with specific issues

Northants County Council Visit: Family Information Service
Contact Number: 01604 237935