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Anti-Social Behaviour

Avoiding anti-social behaviour

The best way to prevent causing anti-social behaviour is to avoid behaving in a way that might cause a nuisance to others. These might include:

  • Trying not to carry out DIY jobs between the early hours or late evenings  particularly if you live in a flat – this could include vacuuming

  • Warning your neighbours if you are intending to have a party, and trying to limit the noise during late hours

  • Not playing music, audio equipment or the TV loudly, especially if you live in a flat or maisonette where noise travels more easily. If you have difficulty hearing, consider wearing earphones

  • Keeping your pets under control and clearing up after them, particularly if you share a garden 

  • Talking to your children and visitors if their behaviour is likely to cause either nuisance or harassment to others

  • Disposing of your rubbish and unwanted items in the right way or contacting the council’s waste management team for advice

  • If you live in a flat or maisonette, trying to avoid the slamming of your front door and communal doors

  • Being considerate and ensuring you behave as you would want others to behave towards you and your family

 If you find yourself being accused of anti-social behaviour, think about whether you are responsible for the distress being caused to the complainant. You may not be aware that your behaviour is causing a problem. There may also be an easy way to solve the problem, such as closing your windows when playing music and keeping the noise down when most people are trying to sleep.