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Kettering Borough Council Grant Schemes

Kettering Youth Council Small Grant

The Youth Council was founded in  1993 and is made up of 24 students elected  from six local secondary schools/academies, Kettering Borough Training, William Knibb centre and Tresham College.  The members are aged between 13 to 18 years old and serve for 2 year period.

Elections are held in September each year to elect new members who meet at least six times during an academic year. The council are awarded a grant of £3000 from Kettering Borough Council, to distribute to local groups and organisations.   

This grant is open to groups who are interested in developing new projects for 13-19 year olds.  The application must meet one of the grant criteria as set out below:

  •  Achieve economic well-being
  •  Make a positive contribution
  •  Be healthy
  •  Stay safe
  •  Enjoy and achieve

If you would like further information please contact grants@kettering.gov.uk