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Carpet Beetles & Clothes Moths

Pest Carpet Beetles & Clothes Moths
Description A close search of the areas may reveal 'hairy maggots' sometimes very similar in colour to the material affected, or small fragile caterpillars with a red brown head and possibly small white tubes of a similar size may be apparent.

In the first case the 'woolly bears' as they are commonly called, are the larvae of the carpet beetle. The others are clothes moth caterpillars.

Large or small patches of carpet pile vanish into the vacuum cleaner.
Bare patches begin to appear at the skirting board where you would not expect wear.
Small holes might start to appear in items of non-synthetic clothing that have not been worn in a while.

Cause of infestation:

Hidden infestations occurring in bird's nests in roof voids or in debris commonly found in sealed off fireplaces.

They may also occur where clothing has been worn and then put away without washing and left for long periods of time in wardrobes etc.
Self Treatment Pesticide use should be a last resort and may well be completely ineffective if the source of the problem is not removed or treated.

Ideally the following should be maintained to prevent infestations:

The vacuum cleaner is the surest and safest 'pesticide'
All roof voids etc. should be kept free of bird's nests
All fireplaces where sealed should have a removable vent to allow the clearing out of debris
Clothing should be cleaned before long-term storage
Does the Council offer a Pest Control Service? Yes
Does the price include a revisit? 1
When should I expect a revisit? 14 days after 1st treatment if required
Customer action before appointment date All floor areas to be cleared. People and pets removed from property. Vacuum thoroughly through property. Vacuum cleaner to be emptied outside property in to a bag and tied.
Treatment Process All floor areas and some furniture (settees/easy chairs depending on material) to be treated with water based insecticide spray. Safety Data Sheet issued to customer by PCO at time of appointment.
Approximately how long will treatment take? Between approximately 30-90 mins
Customer action after appointment Do not return to property for at least 2 hours. Maintain good housekeeping. Do not vacuum for up to 14 days. If problem persists after this period customer should contact Council to arrange re treatment only if required.
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