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Pest Maggots
Description Maggots are generally 4 to 12 mm in length depending on their stage of growth. Most maggots range from an off-white color to a light brown, though some can be a yellow or reddish color. Maggots have one pair of tiny hook-like parts to aid in feeding and have no legs.
Self Treatment Common cause:

Wheelie bins/recycling boxes

We recommend that you apply the following guidelines to reduce the occurrence of maggots in your bins:

If possible keep your bins/boxes out of direct sunlight and away from open doors
Keep the bin lids shut at all times
If you notice flies, maggots or smells ensure your bin lid fits securely when it is closed
If your bin is damaged in anyway please let the Council know immediately or see our pages on recycling, rubbish and waste.
Do not leave food waste, cat or dog food exposed in the home so that flies lay their eggs on it
Wrap all food waste in old newspaper and then in plastic carrier bags or bin liners before disposing of it (Black bin only)
Rinse all cans and bottles
Squeeze any excess air from the bags before tying them
Empty any solids from used disposable nappies into your WC before bagging
Regularly clean and disinfect your bins
Compost as much organic waste as possible
Double bag dog and cat faeces (Black bin only)
Add newspaper, card, straw or hedge clippings to loads of grass to absorb smell

By following these tips any problems with maggots should greatly reduce.
Does the Council offer a Pest Control Service? Yes
Does the price include a revisit? 1
When should I expect a revisit? 7 days after 1st treatment if required
Customer action before appointment date Ensure people and pets are removed from areas to be treated. Ensure good housekeeping.
Treatment Process Insecticide spray applied to area of infestation. Safety Data Sheet issued to customer by PCO at time of appointment.
Approximately how long will treatment take? Between 20-30 mins
Customer action after appointment Ensure people and pets are kept away from immediate treated area for 20-60 mins. Ensure good housekeeping and waste is disposed of appropriately. If problem persists contact Council to arrange retreatment if required.
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