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Pest Control Services

Rats and Mice

Pest Rats & Mice
Description You are required by law to treat any rodent problem on your property.

Rats and mice spread diseases that can be serious and life-threatening. They can be diseased, have droppings that spread disease, contaminate food, or be carriers of fleas and ticks that transmit disease.

Evidence of Rats and Mice may include:

Scratching and scurrying noises in the roof or cavity walls
Chewed food, paper, cables, etc.

The most common reasons for infestation are:

Food left out in gardens for birds
Other food sources
Attracted indoors out of the cold

They can get indoors:

Through a cavity wall
A void between floor levels
Any gap the size of a pen top
Under eves of roof spaces
Self Treatment If you decide to treat them yourself you should be aware that legal requirements also cover the type and safe use of poison and traps, so any attempts at D.I.Y should always involve firstly reading the labels on the product and secondly strictly obeying the instructions.
Does the Council offer a Pest Control Service? Yes
Does the price include a revisit? 2
When should I expect a revisit? Between 1-2 wks apart
Customer action before appointment date Ensure general good housekeeping and comply with further instruction by PCO
Treatment Process Initial survey carried out, bait applied, recommendations made. Revisit date agreed with customer. Safety Data Sheet advising of products used issued to customer by PCO at time of appointment.
Approximately how long will treatment take? Usually between 20-60mins per visit
Customer action after appointment Maintain good housekeeping. Follow instruction by PCO. Ensure people and pets are kept away from baited
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