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 Pest Fleas
Description Adult fleas are small (averages 2mm in size) wingless insects, with flattened and red-brown, with backwardly directed spines and legs designed for jumping.

Flea bites will be seen as a tiny dark red spot surrounded by a reddened area. The bite will remain irritating for one or two days.

All fleas live on warm-blooded animals and although they have a preferred host, they will feed from others if their preferred host is removed.

Cause of infestation:

Most often fleas are brought indoors by cats or dogs- but local bird nests or hedgehogs may produce an infestation.
Self Treatment If the property is infested we strongly recommend you request the service of a Pest Control Officer
Does the Council offer a Pest Control Service? Yes
Does the price include a revisit? 1
When should I expect a revisit? 14 days after 1st treatment if required
Customer action before appointment date Ensure property is thoroughly cleaned, all beds stripped, doors and windows closed and general good housekeeping. Ensure access to all furniture and floor areas cleared. All people and pets to vacate property for a period of up to 2 hours after treatment.
Treatment Process All furniture and floors where applicable (judged on arrival) will be treated with a water based insecticide spray and where possible an insecticidal Fumigant. Revisit date agreed with customer. Safety Data Sheet issued to customer by PCO at time of appointment.
Approximately how long will treatment take? Between 1 and 3 hours
Customer action after appointment Property must be vacated for a minimum of 2 hours. Maintain good housekeeping. Do not vacuum treated area for up to 14 days or as advised by PCO. If problem persists after this period customer should contact Council to arrange chargeable re treatment.
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