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Pest Bees
Description We offer no treatment for Bees. The Council offers advice only.

Bees are extremely useful insects that have a valuable role in pollinating flowers and producing food.

There are many types of bee but you are likely to encounter 3 kinds:

Honey Bees

Honey Bees are sometimes kept by beekeepers in hives. They should only cause a problem when they swarm. In the summer months some of the bees will leave the hive and look for a new home. Thousands of them will be visable as a cloud of insects or when settled, a solid cluster.

Bumble Bees

Are generally larger and hairier than Honey bees. They don't swarm and are not aggressive. Their nest in the garden does not survive past late summer and is not reused.

Solitary Bees

Look similar to Honey bees and can also be known as mason bees (nesting in holes in mortar), Mining bees (nesting in small holes under the lawn), leaf cutter bees (seen carrying small pieces of leaf to line holes of nest). Nests are often grouped together to form large numbers.
Self Treatment They are non-aggressive and are not considered pests. Nest boxes for bees are now available from garden centres due to their beneficial role in the garden.

Honey bees can be collected by your local bee keeper.

Details are available on the Northamptonshire Beekeepers website or you can contact their local Swarm Liaison Officer on Tel: 01536 744650 or mobile: 07909 900181.

Please note: The beekeeper may charge for this service.
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