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Pest Control Services


Pest Wasps
Description Wasps are bee-sized insects with yellow and black bands. If very large wasps are seen they may be queens, hornets or what are now commonly called European wasps.

The nest may be in a roof space, hanging in a tree, shrub or in the eaves, in an air vent, or in the ground. Old nests are not reused and when dead can be carefully removed by knocking them into a bin liner and then be desposed of in your normal waste bin.
Self Treatment If the location of a wasps nest makes normal life difficult e.g. the nest is very close to a door, it may be necessary to have the nest destroyed. There are some products available on the open market which should always be used with caution.
Does the Council offer a Pest Control Service? Yes
Does the price include a revisit? 1 revisit
When should I expect a revisit? Approximately 1 week after initial appointment
Customer action before appointment date Ensure area is free from people and pets
Treatment Process Nest treated with insecticide powder or aerosol. Nest will be removed if easily accessible.
Approximately how long will treatment take? 1 hour
Customer action after appointment Report any further activity seen.
Further information Should another nest be found in a different location this would not be classed as a revisit. A new appointment and payment would be required.
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