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Dangerous Dogs

Dog on Dog Attacks

The Law

The Dogs Act 1871 provides for a complaint to be made to the Magistrates Court that a dog is dangerous and not kept under proper control. If the Magistrates find that the dog is dangerous they may order the dog’s owner to keep it under proper control, including measures such as muzzling, keeping on a lead, exclusion from names places and any other measures of control that they consider necessary.

The complaint to the Magistrates Court is ordinarily made by the owner of the dog that was injured, and in submitting the complaint must demonstrate that the owner of the dog that caused the injury was dangerous and not kept under proper control.

Kettering Borough Council Position

The law relating to dog on dog attacks is strictly a civil matter between the owners of the two, or more, respective dogs.

However, the Council recognises that taking matters though the Magistrates Court can be a daunting process. Where appropriate it will offer assistance in relation to dog on dog attacks.

In providing such assistance the Council may be able to bring these matters to a Magistrates Court. However, it will require the full assistance of the dog owner (see below) and action must be in accordance with the Regulators Compliance Code and the Enforcement Concordat regarding undertaking proportionate enforcement action by a public authority.

The Council cannot be responsible for any veterinary costs associated with the care of the injured dog, as these remain the responsibility of the owner.

What do we need from you?

In seeking to undertake such investigations the Council will require:

  • Your full name
  • Your full address
  • Your full contact telephone number
  • The name and address of the owner of the dog causing the injury, a description of the dog causing the injury, and details of the injury caused.

Our Environmental Wardens will then visit you to help you complete a formal witness statement, taking details of what happened, where, when, and the injuries inflicted. They will also make arrangements to interview the owner of the dog causing the injury.

You will be required, should the matter progress to the Magistrates Court, to attend Court and give verbal evidence to the Magistrates

Further Information

Contact the Environmental Warden Team, who can be contacted via the Customer Services Centre at the main Council Offices, by telephone on 01536 410333.