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Kettering Borough Key statistics

Kettering Borough covers an area of approximately 23,000 hectares and is characterised by market towns, attractive villages and countryside. Kettering is the main town and there are three other towns, Burton Latimer, Desborough and Rothwell lying along the route of the former A6; and 27 villages of varying scale and character.

The number of households in the Borough is 42,112 (March 2013).

Kettering is one of the fastest growing areas in the UK with the Borough expected to see significant growth between now and 2031.

The current population estimates for the area are provided below:

Population for the Borough 93,475
Male 45,896
Female 47,579
Children (0-15 yrs) 18,666
Town Centre  
 Kettering  67,635
 Desborough  10,697
 Rothwell  7,694
 Burton Latimer  7,449
Ward Level  
 All Saints  8,067
 Avondale Grange  5,466
 Barton  4,887
 Brambleside  4,789
 Ise Lodge  7,287
 Northfield  2,659
 Pipers Hill  5,405
 Queen Eleanor and Buccleuch  2,630
 St Michael's and Wicksteed  7,604
 St Peter's  4,754
 Slade  6,133
 Welland  2,646
 William Knibb  5,308
 Desborough Loatland  5,968
 Desborough St Giles  4,729

 (These figures are all based on the Census 2011)

The following websites provide further information on population and household information across the Borough: