There are three key datasets:

1)  All premises liable for NNDR (all personal information has been removed under S40 of the Freedom of Information Act 2000)

2)  Write ons and Write Offs

3)  All accounts receiving any type of relief

We aim to update this information on a quarterly basis

  • NNDR Dataset (This is a snapshot of all current live ratepayer information)
  • NNDR Dataset Reliefs (This spreadsheet includes all ratepayers who have received any relief during this financial year therefore the information may differ to that on the full list)
  • Write ons and Write Offs

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Codes Included
 AMAN, MAND  Mandatory charitable
 ATDR, TDIS  Top-up discretionary
 ADIS, DISC  Discretionary
 S49  Hardship
 AMRS, MRSR  Rural
 ATRS, TDRS  Top-up rural
 ADRS, DRSR  Discretionary rural
 ATRR, TRAR  Transitional Relief
 ATRP, TRAP  Transitional Premium
 S44A  S44A
 AXNB, XNB  New builds
 LOD  Local Discretionary Relief (includes Retail Relief)


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Business Rates/NNDR Accounts in credit

We do not hold any NNDR accounts which hold any historic credits on their accounts.  Our Business Rates Team in Customer Services undertake a regular weekly assessment of all outstanding credits and any refunds or transfers are carried out as necessary.