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Leaseholder Information

Repairs and maintenance

As a leaseholder, you will take over nearly all day to day repair responsibilities for inside your home.

Your responsibilities

You are responsible for keeping the property clean and tidy and in good decorative condition and repair. 

You must also keep any communal areas and grounds free from stored items and rubbish.

The council's responsibilities

The council retains responsibility for the following areas and fixtures and fittings as they form part of the structure or common parts:

  • External walls and the roof
  • Window frames, locks and mechanisms (but does not include lost window or door keys, cracked or broken glazing)
  • Entrance doors and outhouse/store doors – (but not internal doors, lost keys or glazing)
  • Communal areas
  • Pipework running through the building serving all flats – (but not including pipework inside that exclusively serves the flat).

The council may, at its own discretion, agree to carry out certain repairs that are the leaseholder’s responsibility to protect the safety and security of the property and other residents within the block.  Any such repairs will be recharged to the leaseholder upon completion.

Your lease agreement gives comprehensive details of the repairing obligations for both you and the council so if you are unsure as to who is responsible for a repair, please refer to your lease.