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Tenancy Support Service

Supporting Independence - Service Standards

Kettering Borough Council’s Tenancy Support Service aims to help tenants live independently and maintain their tenancies.Our goal is to provide a first class housing-related support service, tailored to meet individual needs and focusing on the outcomes that matter most to tenants.With our person-centred approach, we ensure that tenants’ views, opinions and well-being are always taken into consideration.

What can you expect from the Tenancy Support Service?

We want to ensure that our tenants have the best chance of making their tenancies work. Available to new and existing tenants, our flexible service offers free short-term interventions (usually between one to eight weeks) to help people establish or regain their independence and fully manage their homes.

Depending on an individual’s needs, support can be given over the phone, in writing, or face-to-face at our offices or in the home. At the first meeting, a needs assessment will be completed with specific intended outcomes - which are agreed with the tenant. This is then regularly reviewed, outlining what tasks need to be undertaken, by whom and in what time scales. We then monitor our service and, if necessary, make improvements through tenant feedback.

The Tenancy Support Service does not:
• Provide personal care or administer medication
• Handle tenants’ money
• Get involved with family or personal disputes
• Assist with housework, laundry or shopping
• Provide childcare
• Provide transport to and from appointments
• Conduct visits when tenants are under the influence of alcohol or drugs
• Act as a witness of a will or other financial matters
• Accept any personal gifts, money or bequests

Support those who don’t meet the initial needs and risk assessments. We will signpost tenants to another appropriate organisation if we are unable to help.

What happens when support is no longer needed, or is required at a later date?

We will go through this with the tenant and ensure the aims of their support plan have been achieved. A date on which the support will end will then be agreed. Should a tenant’s circumstances change, and they feel they need the service again, they can re-refer.

The Tenancy Support Service will only work with tenants who are polite, respectful and who don’t compromise staff safety. The Service will not support a tenant where a similar support agency is already involved, or in circumstances where another organisation can provide more appropriate and specialist support. If we are unable to assist but a tenant’s support needs are urgent, we will refer to other appropriate agencies. If we do refuse to support a tenant, we will write to them with the full reasons for the refusal. Tenants have the right to appeal regarding such a decision.

For further information, please contact Tenancy Support Workers:
Geraldine Whitmore 01536 534336
Vicki Beddoe 01536 535672