Sheltered Housing Scheme Phone Numbers

The following contact numbers may be useful to you if you live in sheltered housing in Kettering borough or you have a relative or friend who lives in sheltered housing.

To apply to the Council to live in sheltered housing you need to complete a Kettering Keyways application form, please do not contact the scheme managers directly.

For general Silver Service enquiries please contact:

Scheme     Scheme Manager Phone Number
Burton House Fran Patis   01536 725856
Castle Gardens Karen Russell 01536 742337
Harry Potter House Bev Innes 01536 513393
Hazeland House Anna Wills 01536 760153
The Lawns  Wendy Baker 01536 485289
Madams Garden Janet Lewis 01536 710036
St Andrews Court Fran Patis 01536 790400
Tudor Court Bev Innes 01536 515282
Windsor Gardens Lisa Stewart 01536 513692
Yeomans Court  Nicola Martinelli 01536 420093

For any other queries, contact:

Karen Booth, Senior Support Worker: 01536 742337

Sara Martin, Supported Housing Manager: 01536 535655

Or email