Private Sector Housing Grants Policy 2019


This Private Sector Housing Grants Policy has been adopted in accordance with the Regulatory Reform (Housing Assistance) (England and Wales) Order 2002. The 2002 Order repealed much of the previously prescriptive legislation governing the provision of renewal grants to homeowners, replacing it with a new flexible and wide ranging power to provide assistance for housing renewal based on local circumstances and needs. Underpinning the Order was the Government’s view that the responsibility for home maintenance should rest with the owner, and local authorities should offer support to encourage residents to be less dependent on grants. The 2002 Order also stipulates that a local housing authority may not exercise the power to provide assistance unless they have adopted a policy for the provision of assistance, given public notice of adoption and made full and summary copies of the policy publicly available. 

The Private Sector Housing Grants Policy complements the Council’s Private Sector Housing Enforcement Policy which identifies the renewal challenges within the Borough, and what the Council intends to do to address those challenges as far as is possible. 

The assistance described in this Policy is not protected from the impact of budgetary changes that may occur during the lifetime of the policy and the Council’s ability to offer assistance will be subject to available finance. Moreover, the amount of budget that will be made available annually will be subject to the annual budget setting processes during which the Council will determine which priorities it will continue to fund and by how much. The availability of money for assistance will be subject to competition with other local priorities.