Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMO)

How to apply for a HMO licence?

A licence application form can be downloaded using the link below. Please consult the application guidance notes for help in completing your application or contact the Central Licensing Administration Unit on 01832 742102 for assistance.

HMO Licence Application Form

HMO Licence Application Guidance Notes

For further information and guidance on how to apply for an HMO please visit

How much will the licence cost?

The fee for an HMO Licence is £1,000 for each property and it lasts for 5 years. It has been calculated to ensure that no burden is placed on the Council Tax payer in issuing the licence and on full cost recovery. It largely covers the administrative process including validations/checks and for the initial inspection. It does not cover any enforcement action in the unfortunate event of a breach. The Council will reduce the fee by 20% for 3 or more applications received for the same person managing the HMO’s. If you have any queries about multiple applications to be submit, please call 01832 742102 for more information.

The HMO Licence fee from April 2019/20 onwards has been split as follows:

HMO Licence Fee 2019/20 £
Application processing and licence issue £640.00
Maintenance fee for licence awarded £360.00
Total licence fee £1000.00

What are the penalties for renting a licensable HMO, without obtaining a licence?

Failure to licence an HMO or to permit a breach of the licence conditions will incur the following penalties:

  • A financial penalty up to £30,000.00
  • Prosecution resulting in a criminal record and an unlimited fine
  • A Rent Repayment Order to recover up to 12 months’ worth of rent paid by housing benefits to the landlord/agent directly or by the tenant. Tenants including former tenants living at the property whilst it was unlicensed or the Local Authority may apply to the First-tier Tribunal (Property Chamber) (FTT) for a Rent Repayment Order (RRO)
  • Interim Management Orders (IMO)
  • The landlord cannot issue a section 21 "Notice Requiring Possession" during the period the property is unlicensed