Disabled Facilities Grants

Disabled Facilities Grants - Eligibility

To be eligible for a Disabled Facilities Grant the applicant must:

  • Be aged 18 or over on the date of application (If the person with a disability is a child the applicant should normally be the parent or legal guardian).
  • Be either the owner of the dwelling or be a tenant (including licensees), and be able to provide an Owner's Certificate or Tenant's Certificate. This will not necessarily be the disabled person for whom the works are required. A landlord may apply on behalf of a disabled tenant.
  • Satisfy a means test as prescribed by the Housing Renewal Grants Regulations 1996 (as amended), if the applicant is the disabled person, unless the application is being made on behalf of a child.
  • The adaptation must be for the benefit of a person who is 'disabled' within the criteria in section 100 of the Housing (Grants, Construction and Regeneration) Act 1996.
  • The grant is available throughout the Borough of Kettering.

Discretionary Disabled Facilities Grants

To compliment mandatory Disabled Facilities Grants the Council offers Discretionary Disabled Facilities Grants.  Discretionary Disabled facilities Grants are limited to contributing to the cost to repair and make good to wall, ceiling or floor finishes disturbed by work to provide adaptations funded by Mandatory Disabled Facilities Grants. 

The maximum contribution that the Council shall make towards the cost of discretionary works shall be £500, and shall be shown separately in any award of Mandatory Disabled Facilities Grant.