Minor Repairs Grants for Private Landlords

The purpose of the Minor Repair Grant is to provide grant assistance to private landlords to fund minor repairs or improvements to their properties to ensure that the Council’s prescribed standards for privately rented accommodation offered to households who are homeless or threatened with homelessness are met.

Eligible Works

  • Any minor repairs or improvements that are required to ensure that the property meets the physical standards set out in the Homelessness (Suitability of Accommodation) (England) Order 2012. For example, this may include the installation of a handrail on a staircase, installation of window restrictors, an Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR), or minor works identified in an EICR.

Eligible Landlords

Private landlords are eligible to apply for a Minor Repair Grant if they meet the following criteria:

  • Their property is currently empty.
  • Their property is available for single occupancy or as a house in multiple occupation (HMO).
  • If their property is an HMO, the landlord must have applied for a licence if subject to mandatory licensing, and the Council is able to grant the licence on completion of the works.
  • They agree that the property will be occupied by a household/s nominated by the Council.
  • They agree that the property will be occupied by a household nominated by the Council for a minimum of six months.
  • Their property is in Council Tax bands A to C (although properties in a higher band will be considered in exceptional circumstances, subject to the approval of the Head of Housing).
  • Their property was built before 1980.
  • They are aged 18 years or over.
  • They are not subject to recovery procedures for monies due to the Council.

Maximum Assistance

The maximum grant payable is £250 per property (£150 for an Electrical Installation Condition report). There is no limit to the number of grant applications a landlord can make. However, no landlord can receive more than £1,000 in total of Minor Repair Grant assistance over a five year period.

Terms and Conditions Applicable

Landlords eligible for Minor Repair Grant assistance may also be eligible for a Landlord Improvement Grant, for example, to carry out rewiring of the property after completion of an Electrical Installation Condition Report. However, in these circumstances, the Minor Repair Grant will be deducted from the total grant claimed as a Landlord Improvement Grant.

The Minor Repair Grant is payable at the discretion of the Council, and will only be awarded where there are tangible benefits for the Council and as available funds will allow. The Grant is not able to be paid retrospectively towards improvement works that have been completed without prior assessment by the Council.