HomeMove Grants (Private Sector)

HomeMove Grants will be provided to fund more cost effective alternatives to providing a Mandatory Disabled Facilities Grant.  For example, the relocation costs for a disabled applicant to move to an alternative home that is more appropriate for their immediate and long term needs and that move (together with any costs of adapting the new home) is cost effective compared to remaining in their own home.


To be eligible for a HomeMove (Private Sector) grant the applicant must:

  • Be aged 18 or over on the date of application (If the person with a disability is a child the applicant should normally be the parent or legal guardian).
  • Be either the owner of a dwelling or be a tenant of a private landlord or housing association.
  • Satisfy a means test as prescribed by the Housing Renewal Grants Regulations 1996 (as amended), if the applicant is the disabled person, unless the application is being made on behalf of a child.
  • The HomeMove Grant must be for the benefit of a person who is 'disabled' within the criteria in section 100 of the Housing (Grants, Construction and Regeneration) Act 1996.
  • The grant is available throughout the Borough of Kettering.

Access Criteria for a HomeMove Grant (Private Sector):

The applicant must be eligible for a mandatory Disabled Facilities Grant as outlined in the criteria above.  The Council will assess the costs of adapting the existing dwelling as well as the proposed dwelling to establish the costs benefits of pursing a HomeMove Grant (Private Sector) compared to a mandatory Disabled Facilities Grant.  

Full cost estimates will be presented in a report to the Head of Housing or an alternative officer who has similar delegated authority under the Council's constitution to decide whether or not the HomeMove Grant will be approved.

Maximum Assistance

The Council must be satisfied that there are tangible benefits for the HomeMove Grant (Private Sector) to be awarded as an alternative to an adaptation funded by a Mandatory Disabled Facilities Grant.  Such benefits will either be as a cost saving to the Council, or in the event that the cost of each option is similar, tangible benefits to the disabled applicant.  

The total amount payable as a HomeMove Grant (Private Sector) will not exceed £6,000. The total amount payable will be based on the cost of adaptations to the new home up to a maximum of £5,000, together with up to £1,000 to cover other expenses including removals, etc.

How to apply

For further information contact Private Sector Housing

Tel: 01536 410333 or email: privatesectorhousing@kettering.gov.uk