Find a home through Keyways

How are applications prioritised?

All Keyways application forms will be assessed and placed in one of four bands. Within each band applications will be placed in date order. This is the effective date. The application with the oldest effecive date has the highest priority. The date that is used is the date your application was registered with us or the date you inform us of a change of circumstances affecting your level of housing need.

For example, Applicant A and Applicant B are both in Band B and place a bid on the same property. The effective date (the date their Keyways application was registered) for Applicant A was 1st October 2012 and the effective date for Applicant B was 12th December 2012Applicant A will be given priority over Applicant B as their effective date is older.

Moving between bands
If your circumstances change and you move up a band the date used will normally be the date you moved into that band. If you move down a band the date used will normally be the date that you were previously in that band.

Time limited bands
If your application is placed in a band A there is a limit on the length of time you can remain in this band. This is 4 weeks. At the end of the time allowed your application will be reviewed and the time extended or your priority reduced. The 4 week time limit will only be extended in exceptional circumstances, such as when suitable housing has not become available within the 4 weeks.