Find a Home through Keyways

Bidding on Keyways Properties

All available properties are advertised weekly on the Keyways Website.

To be considered for properties you must bid on them. The bidding process does not mean that you will part with any money, it is an expression of interest. Homeless households are subject to auto bidding to ensure they are housed quickly.

It is important you read all the information about the property and only bid if you are interested. There are sanctions for applicants who refuse a property.

On your online account, you can see the queue position of your bid. If you are successful you will be contacted directly by our Keyways Team.

What size of property can I bid on?

The size and type of property will depend on the size of your household.  You are entitled to one bedroom each for:

• A lone parent or couple (whether married, in a civil partnership or living together as a couple);
• Two children both aged under 10 years regardless of gender
• Two children of the same gender regardless of age (unless there is a 10 year age gap and one child is at least 16 years old)

This assumes that all bedrooms are large enough to share.  Where a bedroom is assessed as a single, it will usually be allocated to one person. Property adverts on Keyways will indicate not only the number of bedrooms but also the number of bed spaces, or persons the property can accommodate.

Only households with dependent children are entitled to bid for houses and flats with gardens.