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Find a home through Keyways

How to join the Keyways Housing Register

To apply to join the Keyways Housing Register you must be 16 years of age or over.

You will need to complete an application online. The application form enables you to apply for a Council or Housing Association rented home.

Once you have completed an application online, you need to provide us with some documents to verify your circumstances before you are able to bid.

In order for us to verify your application, you will need to provide:

• A Signed declaration form. This is available to download and print at the end of your online application, or can be picked up from any of our Customer Service Centres.
• Photographic Identification for the main and joint applicant (passport, driving licence, birth certificate with a passport sized photo). If you are not a British Citizen, evidence of your right to reside in the UK (passport and other relevant documents from the Home Office, proof of employment.)
• Identification for all other household members/Proof of pregnancy
• Proof of household income (wage slips, contract of employments, bank statements, benefit award letter)
• Proof of savings/assets/equity (current bank statement, mortgage statement)
• Full 5 year address history including details of tenure and moving dates, plus landlord contact details for any tenancy you have held
• Other relevant evidence regarding your household and housing circumstances (proof of notice, proof of medical conditions)

All documents will need to be originals, valid and up to date. The date on which a completed application is received by us is the ‘effective date’.

What happens once you have registered?

When you are accepted on to the housing register we will write to tell you:

  • Your personal reference number
  • The band your application has been placed in
  • Your effective date

You must tell us if there are any changes in your circumstances so that we can reassess your application and if necessary make changes to your band and effective date.