Find a home through Keyways

About Keyways

Keyways is a Choice Based Lettings system for allocating social housing. Rather than the Council deciding which house to offer you, you can now choose which properties interest you.

All available properties are advertised on the Keyways Website and in a newsletter published weekly that you can pick up throughout the Borough at any of our Customer Service Centres.

You can tell us which properties you would like to be considered for. This process is known as bidding. The bidding process does not mean that you will part with any money. You may only bid for a property if your housing application has been accepted onto the Keyways register.

You can bid for properties in a number of ways:

  • Online using the website
  • By visiting our Customer Service Centres
  • By telephoning our Customer Service Centre on 01536 410333

Each week you can see the successful bidders from the previous week to help give you an idea of how long you may have to wait to be offered a property. This information is available both in the newsletter and on the website in the feedback section.

You can also see what position you are in the queue for a property, both on the website and on the telephone hotline.

Download the full guide to Keyways

Download the Keyways Housing Allocation Scheme