Find a home through Keyways

Applying for Social Housing

In partnership with Wellingborough and Corby Borough Council, Kettering Borough Council launched a joint housing register in November 2010. Applicants interested in living in social housing in any of the three council areas are now registered on this one housing register called Keyways.

Keyways is similar to the previous Kettering Keyways system of allocating available Council and Housing Association properties in Kettering. Rather than advertising vacant properties in Kettering only, the new scheme allows applicants to be considered for properties in all three council areas. 

Keyways is a sub-regional scheme that allows you to be considered for housing across Kettering, Corby and Wellingborough. There are some variances between each local authorities Scheme, therefore it is important to read each Scheme carefully. You can choose which properties interest you by registering a bid on the Keyways website.

All available properties are advertised on the Keyways website and in a newsletter published weekly that you can pick up throughout the Borough at any of our Customer Service Centres. The Customer Service Centre at the Municipal Offices, Kettering, also provides a number of self-service computers from which you can place or withdraw bids, see your bid queue position, or check the outcome of a bid.