Domestic Abuse

Legal Advice

Domestic Abuse is a serious crime. If you require emergency police assistance contact 999

Northamptonshire Police tel: 08453 700700

Witness Care Unit, support and help for witnesses attending court  tel: 08453 700700


Wilson Browne (Corby), Stuart House, Elizabeth Street, Corby. tel: 01536 400000

Wilson Browne (Kettering), 41 Meadow Road, Kettering, NN16 8TN. tel: 01536 410041

Seatons, Alexandra Road, Corby. tel: 01536 276300

NFLA Ltd Wellingborough Innovation Centre, Chursh Street, Wellingborough, NN8 4PD tel: 01933 222700 emergency helpline: 07973 800 000

They may be other solicitors that may be able to help that are not listed here.