The Council's Housing Options Service

Housing Options Service - Options Advice

f you have a more urgent housing need than can be resolved by bidding on Keyways then you need to speak to a Housing Options Advisor as soon as possible. This appointment may be conducted via telephone or face-to-face.

The Council has a duty to prevent vulnerable people from becoming homeless but will provide advice even if there is no duty towards you. We have a number of options to prevent homelessness whether you rent your home or you are an owner occupier. Some of these options can enable you to remain in your present accommodation and other options can help you into another appropriate property.

If you are having difficulties staying in your present accommodation don't ignore the problem as it may only get worse the longer you leave it. The first step is to contact us on 01536 410333 to receive housing options advice. You will then be able to discuss your housing issues with a housing options advisor and receive appropriate advice.