The Council's Housing Options Service

The Council's Housing Options Service

Kettering Borough Council's Housing Options Team provide advice and assistance to people who may be homeless, threatened with homelessness or in need of advice about the housing options available to them. The Housing Options Team can also give advice on the Housing Allocation Scheme, called Keyways. Depending on your circumstances we can offer you a range of services including access to privately rented accommodation, the low cost home ownership, social housing, refuges or supported accommodation. 

The first step is to call us on 01536 410333 to receive advice from one of our Housing Options Advisors. You can also approach us in person as we are available at the Customer Service Centre at the main Municipal Offices in Kettering. We may book a scheduled appointment for you to see a Housing Options Advisor if we need to discuss your circumstances in more detail.

If you are faced with an emergency involving homelessness during an evening or weekend you will be able to speak to a member of out of hours staff who can provide you with advice and assistance.

Don't ignore the problem. Speak with us by phone, in person or email with your details as soon as you feel you are having housing difficulties.

Kettering Borough Council's Housing Options Service has three main areas: Keyways, Options and Homelessness.  The following webpages contains information on each of these areas.