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Tenant Rights and Information

The Right to take in a Lodger

The Right to take in a Lodger

You have the right to take in a lodger or to sublet part of your home, with certain conditions.

You may consider doing this if you are affected by welfare reform or perhaps to provide a home to a friend or family member who has nowhere to live.

However, you must get our written permission to sublet or part with possession of any part of your home. For example, if you allow somebody to live upstairs in your house whilst you live downstairs all the time.

Some things to bear in mind;

  • You must not allow your property to become overcrowded.
  • You are responsible for evicting your lodger or subtenant if they refuse to leave or do not pay you rent
  • Allowing someone to move in could affect your benefits claim so you must notify the benefits agency and Housing Benefit department
  • You are not allowed to move out of your home permanently and let it to someone else. You could face eviction and prosecution if you do this